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WOLFSBERG - the City in Paradise


Kultur-Stadtsäle — the Lavant Valley’s key venue

KUSS Wolfsberg – Convention & Eventcenter
Wolfsberger Stadtwerke GmbH
9400 Wolfsberg • St. Thomaser Straße 2
Tel.: 0043(0)664/6251566 • Fax: 0043(0)4352/35 413 50
E-Mail: kuss@wolfsberg.at


The Kultur-Stadtsäle (KUSS) is a state-of-the-art conference and event centre and the Lavant Valley’s key venue.

The KUSS is located very close to Wolfsberg town centre and is thus easy to reach. It hosts a wide variety of events such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, meetings, fashion shows, presentations, lectures, clubbing events, exhibitions, concerts, theatre, balls, discos, weddings, and corporate and family functions.

The KUSS has the ideal facilities for all event organizers, societies, institutions, companies and agencies to stage their events. 

The premises
The spacious foyer boasts an impressive glass facade and can cater to top culinary events.

The other rooms offer organizers everything they could wish for. A full range of technical infrastructure is available including large screen, overhead projectors and photocopiers.


  • Grosser Saal (377 m2) with theatre-style seating for 400 people or table seating for 300 people

  • Kleiner Saal (228 m2) with theatre-style seating for 200 people or table seating for 160 people

  • Jugendraum (378 m2) with standing room for 400 people.

Sufficient parking is available.

KUSS (Kultur-Stadtsäle)

The professional, flexible team at KUSS Wolfsberg will be delighted to assist you in planning and staging your events. It goes without saying that they are also pleased to assist when it comes to arranging catering, e.g. local culinary fare, or booking accommodation.

We are at your service to give you ideas and meet your specific needs. This way, your event will be a great success and guests return home with fond memories of Wolfsberg.

Please contact Management for further information:

Wolfsberger Stadtwerke GmbH
St. Michaelerstraße 2, A-9400 Wolfsberg
Tel: 04352/51300-401