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WOLFSBERG - the City in Paradise

Town Gallery

The Town Gallery (Stadtgalerie), housed in the walls of the former Minorite Monastery in the old town, has evolved into a key meeting place for Carinthia’s art and exhibiting scene in recent years. Exhibitions featuring works by prominent international artists have helped establish the facility’s fine reputation. Great importance is also attached to showcasing creative works by Carinthian artists.

Wolfsberg Castle

Wolfsberg Castle (Schloss Wolfsberg) was first mentioned in a document in 1178, being referred to as “wolfsperch” castle. Today it is owned by Kärntner Montanindustrie GmbH and is lived in by the Henckel von Donnersmarck family. The historic building looks back on a vibrant past. It has been renovated in recent years, particular attention being paid to “reviving the original elegance of the premises”.

The castle is a well-known cultural and events facility in Carinthia and beyond, boasting splendid rooms that hark back to ages long past. It has called into being a wide range of cultural events which attract guests from near and far to Wolfsberg. The offerings include the “Concerts à la Carte” open-air festival with performances by world-famous artists.The castle’s functions rooms can also be hired for seminars, conferences, balls, Christmas celebrations and the like. The old castle chapel lends itself ideally to weddings. Guided tours are possible by prior arrangement. A café opens at the castle during the summer months.

Further information:
Kärntner Montanindustrie Ges.m.b.H.
Schloß Wolfsberg
A-9400 Wolfsberg
Tel. 04352/2365
Fax: 04352/2365-21
Email: office(at)schloss-wolfsberg.at
Internet: http://www.schloss-wolfsberg.at

Museum in the Lavanthouse

A diverse mix of classic presentation forms and interactive elements await you on this exciting journey. The Museum in the Lavanthaus would like to make it possible for you to access a comprehensive panorama of the Lavant Valley region and its cultural history, nature, people and characteristics. The Museum was opened in 2009 and is known as the “spatial-human continuum“ in the Lavant Valley region.  With the International Museum Seal of Quality, the State Tourism Seal of Quality and an appraisal within the framework of the Austrian Museum Prize of 2011, our efforts in contemporary museum work have found significance. Apart from Preitenegg, which is in the mountains, the nine municipalities of the Lavant Valley all lie along the Lavant River. The eponymous Lavant River is 71 km long, arising in Styria at Zirbitzkogel, and ending in the south of the valley in Lavamünd, in the river Drau. The Lavant valley is the only Valley in Carinthia with north-south orientation and it has special climate conditions due to the bounding mountain ranges of the Koralpe and the Saualpe as well as the lower Obdacher Saddle in the north.


Discover and experience a fascinating panorama of the Lavanttal region, its cultural history, nature, people and unique character. The journey into the “Lavanttal universe” begins in primaeval times, exploring mountain treasures and worlds of flowers, opening windows on history, inviting you to meet stars of literature and film such as Christine Lavant and Maria and Maximilian Schell, and revealing a many-faceted, vibrant cultural region. The Museum’s local history collection features extraordinary examples of black pottery art and illustrates rural life and work. Numerous multimedia and interactive displays and the famous Lavanttal panoramas by landscape painter Markus Pernhart provide insights and make for a special experience.



More Information on special exhibitions: www.museum-lavanthaus.at


Museum im Lavanthaus
St. Michaeler Straße 2
043 4352 537 333





Middle of April to End of October:
Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Monday

Beginning of November to middle of April:
Tuesday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 4. p.m.  Friday 10 a.m. to 13. p. m. 
Closed on public holidays





Mining Exhibition

at the primary school in St. Stefan/Lav.This exhibition vividly depicts the history of brown coal mining in the Lavant Valley. Guided tours are possible by prior arrangement. Further information: Regionalverband Lavanttal, tel. +43 (0)4352 2878

The exhibition is open to the public on school days from 8am – 4pm. Contact Wolfram Egger on tel. +43 (0)4352-3990 for further information and tours.