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WOLFSBERG - the City in Paradise

Youth Centre

Wolfsberg - youth & children friendly

Wolfsberg’s Youth Culture Centre (JugendKulturZentrum) is located at Kirchbichlstrasse 2, near the Skatingpark.

It is a place where youngsters and young adults can live out their ideas, foster their creativity, share culture and address issues of personal interest. Key principles of the professional youth work at the Youth Culture Centre are voluntariness, anonymity, participation, clarity, creativity, gender awareness and active communication. Active communication guards against mistrust both inside and outside the centre’s walls.

Since December 2002 the Youth Culture Centre has been the HQ of the Wolfsberg Youth Council (Jugendrat). The idea behind this youth codetermination scheme is to create a democratically legitimized forum for youngsters in Wolfsberg where the young people involved are able to articulate their wishes and concerns. The Wolfsberg Youth Council is designed to represent all young people in Wolfsberg. It comprises 13 members and is re-elected every two years.