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WOLFSBERG - Una città nel paradiso della Carinzia!

Impianti sportivi

Stadio con tribuna
Piscina comunale

Centro sportivo Wolfsberg – Gries

Facilities available for use by clubs and organizations. Please direct enquiries to:


Sportreferat der Stadt Wolfsberg:
Alte Post, Hoher Platz 16
9400 Wolfsberg
Telefon: +43/(0)4352/537-234
Telefax: +43/(0)4352/537-99234
E-Mail: daniel.strassnig(at)wolfsberg.at

Sports hall: three-section hall, 45m x 17m

Stadium: three football pitches; all-weather court for volleyball, tennis and basketball; track (100m & 400m) and field athletics. Sports stadium with grandstand.

“Stadionbad” open-air swimming pool
50m pool, diving pool, non-swimmers’ pool, children’s paddling pool, extensive grass sunbathing area

Event hall
9431 St. Stefan, Klagenfurterstraße 99
Telefon: 04352/81477, Fax: 04352/81477-7

Ice-skating (subject to change)

Opening hoursfrom - to
Monday8am - 4.15pm
Tuesday8am - 5.30pm
8pm - 10pm
Wednesday8am - 4.15pm
Thursday8am - 6pm
Friday8am - 4.15pm
Saturday12noon - 6pm
Sunday11am - 5.45pm


Admission charges
Schoolchildren in groups1,00
Children aged 6 - 181,50
Senior citizens1,80
Family ticket5,00
Children's season pass36,00
Adult's season pass50,00
Senior citizen's season pass42,00

Skates available for hire

Centro ippico e tennis “Neudau”
Sale coperta (18 x 32 m), maneggio all´aperto (20 x 65 m),
Sala tennis (aperto ogni giorno dalle ore 8.00 alle 24.00), Campi da tenis

Impianto per il tempo libero “Reding”
Pista per bocce su ghiaccio

Impianto per il tempo libero “Ritzing”
Inline-scater, piste per skateboards

Associazione Tennis Wolfsberg – “Schleifen”
5 campi da tennis

Tennisclub Wolfsberg
5 campi da tennis

Centro ippico Stuckler a St. Marghereten

Centro ippico “Stuckler”
Aperto tutto l’anno. Maneggio da cavallo all’aperto (20 x 60 m)
Sala coperta (23 x 67 m), 45 posti da cavallo e 5 box per
cavalli “ospiti”, Ristorantino

Campo da golf a 9 buchi “Hattendorf”

Impianto sportivo St. Marghereten
2 campi da calcio, nei pressi del centro di
St. Marghereten, 3 campi da tennis e un impianto
di ghiaccio artificiale

St. Michael

Campo da calcio, campi da tennis

St. Marein
Campo da calcio, bocce su ghiaccio

St. Stefan
2 campi da calcio, bocce su ghiaccio
campi da tennis

Aeroporto sportivo
( http://www.flugplatz-wolfsberg.at )

Centro ippico “Urbani”
Sala coperta e maneggio da cavallo all’aperto (30 x 60 m)
( http://www.reitverein-urbani.at )

Sala Cat (Raceland)
Auenfischerstrasse 480
A–9400 Wolfsberg
Tel: +43 (0)664 3007809
Modern go-karting track with timekeeping and race organization. Racing overall and helmet hire. Possible to hire track by the hour.
Opening hours: Tue – Fri from 4pm, Sat, Sun, public hols. from 2pm

Fitness Club Vital
( http://www.club-vital.at )