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Wolfsberg has been an important trading centre and transportation hub for centuries. From the Middle Ages to the early modern era the town profited from its location on the major trading route between Judenburg and the South, as well as its rich deposits of gold, silver and iron.

The heyday of gold and silver mining was over by the end of the 16th century. Mining for iron ore continued into the 19th century, but was finally abandoned due to non-profitability. Coal mining in the Lavant Valley met with a similar fate in 1968 when the works in St. Stefan and Wiesenau were closed. Only in Waldenstein is micaceous iron oxide still extracted today, being used to produce premium anti-corrosion products.

Modern industry
The iron-processing enterprises gave way to new, progressive businesses in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Mondi Packaging Frantschach AG in Frantschach-St. Gertraud has been a mainstay of Carinthian industry since the second half the 19th century. German tycoon Wilhelm Hartmann acquired the old pulp mill in 1912 and within only a few years had turned it into one of Europe’s most modern pulp and paper plants.


Today, there are numerous modern industrial companies located in the district of Wolfsberg, some of which are subsidiaries of international groups. They are joined by long-established local businesses, the tourist industry and a long tradition of agriculture and forestry. The timber and metal-working industries are also strongly represented in Wolfsberg.
Special funding targeted particularly at small and medium-sized companies is set to consolidate and strengthen Wolfsberg’s standing as a business location. Particular attention is being paid to attracting new companies to the area.


Locating businesses
In the last few years Wolfsberg has opened up several large areas of land for businesses to locate, notably the industrial zone to the south of the town which has its own motorway exit.

What are the advantages of Wolfsberg as a business location?

  • It lies directly on the A2 motorway and is only 40–60 minutes’ drive from Graz and Klagenfurt.
  • It is an important transport node (A2 motorway, B70 main road, railway)
  • It lies on the planned high-speed railway line (Koralm tunnel)
  • The international airports in Graz and Klagenfurt are both only about 60 kilometres away
  • Electricity, water, district heating and natural gas are cost-efficient
  • Land has been opened up for businesses to locate
  • There is a wide range of schools and the workforce is particularly well qualified
  • It offers a high quality of life (inexpensive housing, numerous sports and leisure facilities, a wealth of cultural attractions, parks, greenbelt land etc.)
  • Great importance is attached to promoting business

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